How healthy is A-mount?

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Re: How healthy is A-mount?

roby17269 wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

You don't get it...

Sony invented the cheap DSLR with the A200. Canon never had a cheap rebel until after Sony did .. Rebels were $800-900

And yet somehow.. Canon built a following.. cultivated a market.

If I may interject... that's no mystery. Yes Rebels were a bit short than a grand at the time... but they were still quite cheaper than the alternatives. The 300D was the cheapest DSLR when it come out. It's all relative and now expectations have changed of course.

Why would they not give Sony as much a chance as Canon if they feel the need to expand their photography.

From my reading.. Sony is selling some A99 as an addition to an existing Pro system I suspect Sony is more likely to sell an A99 to a Canon shooting PRO that has $20K in gear then they are to a A37 owner.. A7/A7R just exploits that behavior.. sure some will buy it as a first camera.. some will be e-mount upgraders.. but many will be adding it to their current system and because Sony built the camera to be adapted from day one.. its an easy move.. Now they have hands on and favorable Sony experience..

The A99? No one of the Canon shooters I know are interested into it.

The E-mount A7r (not the A7) is the only Sony that people in the Canon camp are interested into right now, to quench our D800 envy. I can use my Canon lenses (which I like a lot) on the A7r and get 36mp with AF with a moderate expenditure. Why would I be interested in 24mp?

A59 or A66 APC Release price $800-$900 better than the A58 4K video.. The A58 shoots 1080P something Canon can't offer in a 5D MKIII

The A58 has 4K video?!? And the 5D mkIII can shoot 1080p, with higher specs than the A58

Canon suffers from a problem.. when you own so much share.. you become your own competitor so you can't put too much in a Rebel or you lose a 7D sale too much in a 6D and you lose a 5DMKII too much in a 5DMKIII and you lose a 1Dx Its Why EOS M didn't make it.. they cynically thought Canon on a Mirrorless would get them Sony Share but they had to make sure it didn't cost them DSLR share. Didn't work..people chose the more capable camera.. the DSLR influence didn't transfer over function..

This I agree with

A99r 36 MP improved SLT that transfers 80% of light also shoots 4K. And beats the heck out of the 5DMKIII in Dynamic range as the A7r already has.. Any one who loves the A7r but wants more.. will want one too.

Perhaps, but only if I can use my lenses on it as I could with the A7r.

Exactly!!! And the exact reason Sony is likely to continue to focus on the e-mount instead if the a-mount, especially for advanced users.  Advanced Canon/Nikon users can be sold the the A7/7r because it can offer a compelling reason to switch (much smaller body) while keeping compatibility with the lenses they already own.

The a-mount is nice, the EVF is nice to some people, but it's not exactly a compelling enough reason to get CaNikon users to dump their gear and start all over.

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