Mirrorless is all the rage…where's Canon?

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Re: Mirrorless is all the rage…where's Canon?

From the number of product announcements, it may seem that mirrorless is 'all the rage', but in fact in terms of sales it is not. If you look at the statistics of what equipment people are using to shoot in the galleries section of this site you will see that it is Canikon that takes the Lion's share...

And that is not surprising, because in the photographic world, what matters are the optics first and second the body and in terms of choice Canikon is top of the league. Lenses require a lot more investment to bring to market, which is why new ones appear a lot less frequently than new bodies.

There is a lot of arguing about what who produces the best sensors, but most of it is subjective and the differences between the main manufacturers does not play any significant role in 99% of the photographs taken.

In terms of innovations, I think that the only thing that the Canon cameras lack are EVFs. And that is probably because Canon does not consider that the technology is mature enough yet to replace the OVFs.

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