Peano - we've lost one of the truly greats

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Re: Peano - we've lost one of the truly greats

brick33308 wrote:

Allen Gerdes wrote:

I also hate to lose Peano from our wonderful forum, as I consider him to be one of the most talented and knowledgeable members we have had in a long time. That said, I agree that as of late, it seems that he had been a little harsh and somewhat inconsiderate in his criticism of others. Perhaps he has been having personal issues of some kind.

Anyway, it seems that we have lost a lot of talent in the last few years, but I suppose it is normal, as things are always changing.....not always for the better.

I would wish for Peano to return, because as biting as his criticism sometimes is, we nevertheless, need his expertise and knowledge.


It seems the decline started when the structure of the forum has changed.

A lot of regulars felt that this was not a design/editing forum anymore.

I hope this will not continue the comming weeks/month as i also will have to look for some place else to reunite with my old friends from dpreview.

I also noticed that especially in the beginning right after the change of the forum, the hard work of the regular forum members was not that much appreciated by newcommers. Despite they gave tips, manuals, links to software and step by step tutorials. It seemed not that much appreciated and often OP's never returned to their threads.

Let's hope for the best.

I agree. Seems like the forum has attracted people only interested in arguing why their preferred software is "the best"

Why do you see debate over software as "people only interested in arguing?" Using that kind of reasoning one can always withdraw from a discussion by accusing others of simply wanting to argue, wrongly turning it into a personal matter. You see that happen all the time. There's nothing logical or constructive in thinking that way.

Some people strangely believe that debates and discussions in forums should always be about arriving at some kind of consensus. The only consensus that should be agreed upon to allow for a continuing and constructive discussion is to respect the right of others to respectfully express their views and opinions, even if you if you don't agree with them. That's it.

or why other people are misinformed or elitist by having their preferred workflow.

What's wrong with saying you think someone's "misinformed" *over something* in particular and that their view or opinion *on something* sounds "elitist?" That's not the same as saying *the person* is "misinformed" or saying that *they* are "elitist."

Those people naturally despite their professed expertise never actually contribute to retouching and rarely post any of their own images.

I've had some people question why I have no images in the gallery space this site allots you and in each case it had no relevance or bearing on the discussion at hand.

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