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Re: Fisheye lens cap vs Zuiko and Rokinon

tt321 wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

I think he will still review that body lens cap fisheye.

The samples I've seen are pretty good. Better than the 15mm lens cap.

Indeed. Depending on the eventual cost, it's pretty high on my list as a true lens like Rokinon seems overkill for my very low hunger for this type of contraption. The 15 makes no sense at all to me as I always have my phone with me.

True about the 15mm.  I added it to a purchase (no shipping costs) but I have not yet used it much.  Some test shooting and an outing or two but that is it.  I take the 20mm when I want a small lens on my camera.

Fisheye photography, however, is a substantial part of my shooting.

So I want good lenses for that.

I used to use my ZD7-14mm very much, because I found the 14mm of my ZD14-54mm often not wide enough for some of what I like to do.

The ZD12-60mm suits my wide angle needs better, and is one of the reasons why I use the ZD7-14mm much less than before (still like it though).  I am so glad that Olympus uses 12mm as the wide angle base line for some of their standard zooms.

The other and quite important reason for less use of my ZD7-14, is the fact that I have gotten a ZD8mm : whenever I want to go beyond 12mm, that lens is on the camera.

I also used the ZD8mm on the E-M5 (with adapter) and that worked really well.

But I could not resist the Rokinon for its much smaller size.  Knowing the 85mm, I expected good quality and was not disappointed: it is as good as the ZD8mm.  Now the Rokinon fisheye fits in my µFT bag all the time.  I don't need AF on a fisheye.

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