DP Review: Readers Choice Award EM-1 or GM1?

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Re: DP Review: Readers Choice Award EM-1 or GM1?

reygon wrote:

EM-1 won both 2013 Best MIL and Product of the Year Award for DP Review Reader's Choice.


I'm an Olympus owner but I think GM1 should have won the product of the year award for its size, performance and price. Nothing revolutionary with the EM-1 as product of the year considering no big and dramatic change from EM-5.

What do you think?

As a forecast, EM-10 will win some awards this year

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The GM1 for me is an example that miniaturization can go too far. Its usage is rather limited and I don't think that it is as sensational as some people claim. To be the smallest is in itself not necessarily a merit.

The real surprise is that the E-M1 could surpass the so much hyped Sony A7 cameras, which by theory should be the most sold system cameras currently, because only with the large sensor, one can get decent IQ. While having a larger sensor has some advantage, the results show that Sony's implementation of it does not convince.

The E-M1 excels in its view finder and the superb ergonomics, which is even exemplary for DSLRs. And this despite having a much smaller body. Not to see the big change from the E-M5 looks a bit blindfolded. The ergonomics are simply not comparable, even more so the view finder.

Thus, I don't think that the GM1 deserves a special award, the readers did a good choice by voting for the E-M1.

As a forecast, I think the Fuji X-T1 currently has the best chances to win a couple of 2014 awards.

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