Urgent! Canon EOS 70D or Olympus OM-D M10?

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Re: Urgent! Canon EOS 70D or Olympus OM-D M10?

Wesley85 wrote:

I am buying a camera tomorrow and I have been set on the EOS 70D for quite a while. But a spanner has been thrown in the works as I really like the look and size of the E-M10 as I like to travel a lot.

E-M10 (if equipped with 14-42 EZ lens) for travel, 70D for sports.

Ultimately I want the best picture quality in all conditions. Which camera has the best picture quality? I have a feeling the E-M10 will not be as good but if it is only a slight difference would I be best going with the E-M10 due to smaller size?

Judging by other cameras with the same sensor, it will have a little better quality than 70D (a little higher DR) in good light, same quality at high ISO (low light).

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