Birding with a 500mm F4 or 600mm F4

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Lance B wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

The OP could add a 500 f4 VR and a D7100. I'm quite liking the D7100 for tripod work with my 500 f4. He could shoot handheld with FX and benefit from the superior buffer of the D600/D800.

Not a bad thought if he really needs the extra reach. Buy the 500 and also buy the D7100.

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I did a side by side test of a D600/80-400G with a D7100/80-400G to look at the benefits of using a crop body last September. It was a wash, with the extra copability of the D600 balancing the extra reach of the D7100, albeit at highish iso's (640-1000). There have also been a few recent posts showing the D800 vs the D7100 and coming to a similar conclusion. Perhaps the 7100 will come out the winner at lower iso's but this is South Wales and the seeing the sun is a rare occurance. The FF will come out better once you get up to the +2,000 iso's.

If both bodies give the same result then there is a benefit of shooting with the FF for BIF as it is then easier to frame the fast flying bird in the viewfinder, and crop out the excess later.

It's nice to have such a choice of great bodies to choose from. In my search for threads on these lenses going back to 2007, it was surprising to see a lot of the discussion about keeping iso's down to 200. Life is a lot easier these days!

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