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Re: it's the slow Matrix Metering

myzel wrote:

Just retested it - never had a real world problem with the slow Matrix Metering

Me too, I just tested it (AGAINĀ  ) and...

- and I agree, the Matrix Metering takes some time to adjust to a new light situation. takes as long as any other metering.

As soon as the EVF is right the exposure is right.

You are making the same mistake and confuse the EVF/LCD display lag with the exposure lag. You don't need to wait for the EVF/LCD, the camera will expose right anyway, even if the EVF/LCD is too dark or too bright. The display is NOT connected to the exposure, though of course, if you wait for the display to be right the exposure will also be just right.

I guess that's why I never had a real world problem since I like to frame my images and without seeing (due to white or black out of the EVF) framing isn't possible. This behavior makes very quick snapshots between extremely different light situations impossible.

The solution is to use spot metering or centre weighted metering. In this modes you will get the right exposure even if the EVF is still blacked or whited out.

You get the exposure right in ANY metering modes. Something else must be going on here if you don't get the right exposure in Matrix mode.

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