disappointed with SONY RX-10.

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Don't be too disgusted with the forum

chillgreg wrote:

Remind me to post my RX100MII threads in the Panasonic forum, where people are kind, considerate and helpful.

I may have some suggestions for this gentleman that might be of assistance to him should he decide to give the camera a second try (in particular try a new "closed box unit); however I do not know him personally, and would not lower myself to cast defamatory assertions on his character.

The hostile tone of some of the posts here, particularly from "regulars", is quite disgusting really, you should be ashamed of yourselves.


This thread has gone sour I agree, but don't be too disgusted with the forum. It is full of very nice and helpful people, I have gotten much help here.

Actually, it is absurd that this thread has gone on and on, 86 replies so far. It starts from the top.

The initial overstated comments and continued lack of images, and the statement that OP had no samples defied credibility, that is what got me to post my 'no credibility' comment.

Whenever it is about a new model, a period of too much reaction/defending goes on for a while it seems.

When I first discovered the forum, about a year and a half ago, there was a period when the new rx100 model was repeatedly attacked by a person who was a Canon G1X lover. He overstated everything, was confrontational from the beginning, and his threads went on and on, I could not believe people would bother responding to his continued instigation.

It went on and on, got spiteful, which I didn't like, but came to realize, it was the blunt overstatements that brought out the worst of this forum members, many of whom have stopped posting. There are personalities who do enjoy the fight and get quite sarcastic unfortunately, which played into the hands of the OP.

I don't think this threads OP is in the same category, but it seemed to start out that way.

Then everything calms down, and the forum reverts to it's normal niceness which many from other forums have complimented in contrast to their experiences on other forums. I don't know about that.

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