Current a99 owners, what was your previous dSLR?

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Current a99 owners, what was your previous dSLR?

Friendly discussion in another thread, if Sony makes the a-mount solely for advanced users willing to spend $$$... Will users jump from other brands, or will Sony be choking off its future by not having a stream of entry level users growing into advanced users.

So decided to ask owners of Sony's current flagship a-mount, did you jump straight into the product? Or did you grow into it?

My history -- Minolta Maxxum--- wanted to keep my lenses though it was just a simple 35-70 kit plus a 70-210 telephoto at the time.  So I was steered to the a100 as my first dSLR.  Then the a55.... And finally the a99.

So for current a99 owners,  what did you own before you purchased your a99?

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Never owned a dSLR / dSLT before the a99.
0.0% 0  votes
Previously owned another Sony dSLR / dSLT.
76.7% 33  votes
Went from Minolta SLR / dSLR to the a99
4.7% 2  votes
Jumped from Canon dSLR to Sony a99.
14.0% 6  votes
Jumped from Nikon dSLR to Sony a99
2.3% 1  vote
Jumped from Pentax / other dSLR to Sony a99.
2.3% 1  vote
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Sony Alpha a99 Sony SLT-A55
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