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Tom: about compromises...

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Just read a test of the GM1 over on the M4/3 forum. It claims very fast AF speed and high quality images but I will not try and talk you out of your self imposed aps-c limit. The GM1 is merely a very small camera that also provides excellent performance.

Just wait a moment someone is sure to make something much the same in apc-c. Ricoh? The GM1 is almost a prototype for something special in Ricoh livery.


yes, perhaps Ricoh will do it also - esp. now when Fuji [supposedly] blazed the trail of truly fast AF'in for dynamic action shooting/tracking wide open also for APS-C sensored MILC bodies  - the others will need to follow suit unless they want to stay behind . But somehow Ricoh was pretty adamantly "refusing" to include a built-in VFs into their models.

Just for the record, there were four impediment factors as specified over few posts above, the APS-C as a minimal sensor size is only the most prominent one, the remaining three for a MILC worth considering:

  • full complement of external controls (wheels and buttons) - as far as possible away from the menu-driven UI;
  • built-in EVF (with my personal twist = not a humpy-dumpy one);
  • fast, competent AF, powerful enough to give substantial ratio of keepers even at highly dynamic action shooting scenes;


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