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Re: Tom: about compromises...

jpr2 wrote:

...for a stretch in my past I was shooting 6x6 cm and 645 MF formats, I-st with TLR Rolleis, and then with various Hassy, Bronica and Contax 645 bodies. And I'm still longing and miss those times.

Alas, the cost of film, processing, bulk and heft of the bodies, all conspired to make it not possible anymore.

As far as bulk is concerned, I recently discovered 120 "folders". These are pretty compact! Processing of film is a bit of a pain, still, of course, but if you're going to do film anyway....

So, the I-st compromise was to go FF film with various Eos'es. And then to APS-C with quite a chain of digitals (Eos'es again, although pretty quickly I got disappointed with xxxD and even xxD series, and settled on the 7d).

But one needs to stop somewhere - compromises are ugly, yes, but necessary... how much sad it might sound. Thus... APS-C is as small as I'm willing to accept, nothing smaller will do for me,sorry The DOF is acceptably thin if necessary, DR is passable, and I can live with the level of noise in low-light, high-ISO situations, but only just. These are pretty important, but I do not find them in m4/3 gear, and of course not in anything even smaller. Luckily the N7-classic arrived on the scene two years ago, together with Conurus smart adapters - solving the bulk+heft problem and yielding the best APS-C IQ results coupled with excellent cropability and reach advantage I've ever experienced.

I don't want to say that APS-C is a firm limit for me, but a long time ago, it seemed pretty obvious that "bigger is better" when it comes to sensors. Combine that with little price advantage to go with m43, and there ya go!

Nonetheless, my APS-C N7-classic compromise is not perfect - the missing component is of course its so horribly sluggish AF speed. Today I'm fed up with waiting for S. to finally muster enough brains and will to design and produce AF OSPDAF worthy an attempt to capture even most demanding fast, dynamic action shooting opportunities. Period.

I think a lot of the lag is improved just by the EFCS. This adds a lot to the perception of speed.  With OSPDAF, Sony may not be the fastest still, but how slow is it? It seems faster to some, not to others. I find it puzzling. Is it the mode people are using? The lens? The only thing I'm having a problem confirming is that it refocuses in speed burst mode; I think it can, with the right settings, but it is hard for it to keep up with 10fps and somewhat low light (which is the usual condition testing indoors).

Hence the interest in XT-1 - hoping that the preliminary reports of its [supposedly amazing] AF'ing capabilities are correct, and will be confirmed in real situations afield.


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