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Re: Tom: about compromises...

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Just read a test of the GM1 over on the M4/3 forum. It claims very fast AF speed and high quality images but I will not try and talk you out of your self imposed aps-c limit. The GM1 is merely a very small camera that also provides excellent performance.

The GM1 is a very nice caamera with very nice features but, as every camera, it has its strong and weak points. One of the weak (and at te same time strong) point is the sensorsize.
The Sensorsize is not a real problem for technical IQ (yes low light performance will be slightly then a comparable APS camera (ISO 660 compared to 1015 for the Nex 5t) And Color depth is a bit lower (22.3 compared to 23.6 for the Nex 5t) And Dynamic Range is lower (11.7 compared to 13.0 for the Nex 5t). But these are all just numbers, in real life these things will not show up in every picture. But when you look at FF cameras the numbers get realy interesting, and they will show up in real life look at the numbers for the A7: Low light 2746 (2 stops better then the GM1), Color depth 25.6 and Dynamic Range 14.1) This shows that the large the sensor the better the IQ. The step up from m43 to APS is not very large and in real life maybe not visible, but from m43 to FF is a big step. I can understand that people comming from a FF camera will set the limmit on a APS camera, as that is a smaller step back then when to go to m43 or smaller...) When you look at the Nikon 1"sensored cameras the step between m43 and the 1"is about as big as that between m43 and APS. There are not many m43 users who want to switch
their camera for a Nikon 1 series.
When you look at depth of field, in portreits the larger sensor winns over the smaller sensor with lenses with the same FOV and apperture. When people are doing a lot of portreits it is nice to have a large sensor. When landscapes is your thing then a smaller sensor might be the better choice.

What camera is best for you is very personal, What camera handles best for you, what camera has the features you want or need, what camera gives the best results for your kind of photography etc.

When the Em1 is good for you, does not make it the best camera for an other. As I said, I would not buy it as I have trouble with using touchscreens, those things often not react when I touch them, so when it is the main use on a camera I will pass.

Just wait a moment someone is sure to make something much the same in apc-c. Ricoh? The GM1 is almost a prototype for something special in Ricoh livery.

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Tom Caldwell

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