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Re: flash refections

Hello ozdean

With the ring flash you got so many small details into the bee, caused of it's illumination, which produced a contrast around the small details, so that the small details get better visible. On the other hand the ring flash produced nearly no shadows, so that some say, it produced a flat look, because without the shadows, the objects don't get a vividness regarding it's background.

I really like your second picture, because the bee has a wonderful vividness in your picture, and this you got without any shadow, you got it do to the out of the DOF-background.

I don't think that you can avoid some harsh flash reflection, because the legs of the bee has such a reflecting surface.

If you will reduce the harsh flash reflections, I would try this in post.

The harsh flash reflections did produce white spot's on the legs. Now when you use in LR the brush and make this area only darker, the overexposed white areas get only grey. Therefore you can try to give this overexposed white areas first a new colour and then you can make them darker. Now this new colour get an darker look

I did try a yellow colour:

and after this I cloned some parts in PS-Elements into some of this areas.

You can see very well this colouring in the eyes.

I know, this is not perfect, and also maybe nothing new, but I wonted to post a possible way to get rid of the harsh reflections, and because my words are too bad, I made the pictures.

ozdean, that are your pictures, therefor I delete this pictures after a short while.

best regards  kikivrany

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carpe noctem

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