Beginner's question on A vs. M :)

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M is not the holy grail.. :)

Stacey_K wrote:

I think you need to delve deeper into this and understand with auto ISO in M mode you still have to use EC and there are not three control wheels. If you use A mode, one wheel can control aperture and wheel setup for EC as needed and let the camera manage ISO and shutter speed as you set it up to manage them. Using M mode -requires- you to push the EC button and keep up with that adjustment if auto ISO is being used or else the camera decides the exposure for you and no EC possible.

I agree...

I do use M is certain situations but mostly A with the rear wheel set as easy EC. I look at a scene and will judge from experience whether to set EC in advance.; Snow or coal cellar for instance

Most newcomers I speak to see M as being in full control yet when I ask them how they determine exposure I get a blank look and find they just 'match needle' the meter! So they are not in control at all.. just making things more difficult for themselves.

There is some elitism among some M users (I don't mean those who understand it and use it properly and intelligently) Yet you can mostly get the same exposure combinations with P mode, using P shift and A or S modes of course but with the speed of the cameras electronics helping you. Most of my shooting does not require any EC outside of the two stops of  - or + of the EC control. If it does then M is the way to go; but it is very rare for me.

Yes you can come from a dim church out into the blazing sunshine having used M and quickly spin the dials to an approximate setting, judge the metering in the viewfinder and then fine tune the EC if necessary but, it all takes time if you are not experienced and the moment of the bride coming out into that sunshine is not one where you have much time!

I have come from the Dim lighting of the ceremony in A mode and flicked the dial to P more than a few times  when necessary.

Nothing wrong with any mode used intelligently.

my 2 cents

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