At the falls...

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Re: At the falls...

Nikon D800 + 14-24 f2.8 zoom at 20 mm, f16, ISO 100, 1/6 sec, tripod:

exiftool -Model='NIKON D800' -Make='NIKON CORPORATION' -FNumber='16' -ExposureTime='1/6' -ApertureValue='16' -MaxApertureValue='2.8' -Iso='100' -FocalLength='20' -FocalLengthIn35mmFormat='20'

¼ sec, ISO 100, f16, 14-24 zoom at 24 mm:

exiftool -Model='NIKON D800' -Make='NIKON CORPORATION' -FNumber='16' -ExposureTime='1/4' -ApertureValue='16' -MaxApertureValue='2.8' -Iso='100' -FocalLength='24' -FocalLengthIn35mmFormat='24'

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