The worst thing about the V1...

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Re: The worst thing about the V1...

MPg1 wrote:

Hello, I once made some shots of the moon with a supertele and FT1, with my V1.

The shots came out great, but I wanted to focus manually and it was impossible as the bright lunar disk in the black surrounding field was rendered completely overexposed in the finder/display. This is probably related to the different exposure you get pointing at the lightbulb: with AF the camera probably gives priority in exposure to the focused area. I seem to remember that I could get a useful moon image in the display in a different occasion and it was probably with AF engaged.

No, your problem is related to the way live view is working and to the fact that you had too high intensity difference between bright and dark parts of the LCD image. The live view implementation is not that great, but manual focus on the moon isn't that difficult if you zoom in on it.

As a side note, i find MF rather difficult, even enlarging the central portion of the image. I think the same information is spread over a bigger portion of the display, but you can't dig into the pixels while focusng. With my D300 it's another story, when I enlarge in live wiew I really can get to the pixels and MF is at its best. I realize it's a camera in another class, but It would be nice to have it on the 1 camera, and not that difficult for nikon to give us.

My experience is the opposite. Live view works generally better on the V1 than the D300s or the D800, especially in manual exposure modes. The D800 display is totally dark unless the exposure set matches the available light, which makes the use of flash very difficult in dimly lit rooms. This is not the case with the V1 due to the auto gain. I prefer the V1 live view.

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