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Paul Pasco wrote:

samfan wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

But I think one mistake some people are doing is that they wait for the display... The thing is, if you wait for the display to readjust the bias for the new situation then you are losing time.

I just tried it. In my room, when I point V1 at my desk, it's 1/30 at ISO 3200. When I point it at the lightbulb, it's 1/125 at ISO 200. The camera indeed takes 3 seconds to set the proper exposure after I point it to the other direction. And if I snap a picture, it takes the image at incorrect exposure.

But I bet you have the AF on... Yes, with AF it takes 2-3 seconds, but in any case, I have not been able to take incorrectly exposed image, doing exactly the same test, only in my test when I aimed at the light bulb it gave me 1/4000s and ISO100, aimed at some books gave me 1/15s and ISO3200.

I now tried my D200, D600 and Samsung EX1 and they all react immediately, although the D200's matrix metering appears to be more sensitive so the shutter speed changes a lot as I move around the composition with the lightbulb. But pointing to the dark changes the exposure instantaneously.

I only know that the D300s required the same time as the V1 in my tests before. Now I don't have the d300s any more so I can't repeat the test. The V1 needs 1 second to get the exposure right if you don't wait for the display. The display takes a bit more time.

This might be an issue for photographers who shoot continuous action, because V1 is also slow to set the exposure in continuous shooting. If you follow some action from a brighter to darker area, you may end up with under- and overexposed pictures.

I'm not particularly bothered by this in the case of V1 (which is why I didn't realize it until now) but it's definitely one of those things to be aware of.

I don't think this is an issue in real life.

This morning I aimed the camera at a wall in a normally lit room and then aimed at a window and shot. The resulting shot was overexposed.

I can't for my life imagine how you manage this. I just tried to repeat this but I can't. My camera won't over or underexpose.

No matter if I aim outside, take a shot and quickly move the aim to the floor, where I threw a few pens just for reference and to have something to focus on, or if I do it in reverse order, I still won't get the over or underexposure problem.

It's terrible fog here, so I can't get better exposure span, but still the span is quite good. It is two seconds between the images and that's about what it takes to move the aim and to press the shutter release again. Yes, the display LOOKS too bright or too dark (depending on the order) but the exposure is right and even the display quickly changes if the shutter release is pressed.

When I repeated this but waited 2 seconds, the shot was properly exposed.

...but what you mean by this? It takes two seconds for the camera to expose, focus and stabilize the image in this situation but I really don't know what you mean by "waited 2 seconds". How fast can you take the image otherwise? I mean, two images, not holding down the shutter release in between, because of course, if you aim at the wall, half press AND hold and then recompose the image will be overexposed, but that's not a camera error, it is a user error. You MUST release the shutter between the shots.

I did the reverse aiming at the window first and then at the wall which resulted in under exposure. I repeated this several times with the same result. There is definitely a lag in metering and I definitely have AE release set to off.

In fact, I begin to suspect that you, and a few others are holding the shutter release when doing this test.

Your V1 must work differently than the rest of ours

No, but I think we use it differently. Here are two more shots from yesterday. Also with the EXIF. This time the difference is three seconds, but the span is huge...

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