The worst thing about the V1...

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Re: The worst thing about the V1...

Hello, I once made some shots of the moon with a supertele and FT1, with my V1.

The shots came out great, but I wanted to focus manually and it was impossible as the bright lunar disk in the black surrounding field was rendered completely overexposed in the finder/display. This is probably related to the different exposure you get pointing at the lightbulb: with AF the camera probably gives priority in exposure to the focused area. I seem to remember that I could get a useful moon image in the display in a different occasion and it was probably with AF engaged.

As a side note, i find MF rather difficult, even enlarging the central portion of the image. I think the same information is spread over a bigger portion of the display, but you can't dig into the pixels while focusng. With my D300 it's another story, when I enlarge in live wiew I really can get to the pixels and MF is at its best. I realize it's a camera in another class, but It would be nice to have it on the 1 camera, and not that difficult for nikon to give us.


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