Bring my FZ200 or Pentax K30 to Europe?

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Re: Bring my FZ200 or Pentax K30 to Europe? Seconded

Sold all the dSLR kit 18 months ago. Never looked back.  On all travel trips I take LX7 plus TZ30 ( or FZ200 if serious wildlife opportunities are in the plan) and a pocket tripod. Had LX5 before LX7.  The LX7 is so cheap in the USA, I'd buy one and take the LX7 and FZ200. If not, then just the FZ200. See my Flickr account for travel Sets by location and camera.

Looking to the future, depending on further IQ reviews to confirm the promising initial reviews, the ZS40/TZ60 has potential to be an excellent single all purpose camera given 24-720 and built-in EVF.


TZ30/ZS20, LX5, LX7 and the new ZS40/TZ60 all use the BC13 battery. So, a single external mains charger can be used and spare batteries shared.

If you add the LX7, you have the option to buy a Kiwi-tube adapter and an LWA52 to give you an 18mm f1.4 capability Also LVF2 add-on EVF if bright light reflections in LCD are an issue. Given the high price of the LVF2 in the UK, I'm hanging on to replace the T30 with the TZ60.

Have a great trip.

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Mr Ichiro Kitao, please upgrade the FZ50

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