Robin Wong - Olympus 25mm 1.8 review, part 1

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And actually I believe it is the other way around

Acrill wrote:

Pic Man wrote:

Acrill wrote:

So what should he do then? Not review it?

Yes or quit Olympus.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with employee reviews unless they pretend to be impartial or hide their interests. Robin does neither.

Actually I think what happened with Robin Wong is the other way around:

* he was not an Olympus employee who got into reviewing stuff ar was asked and paid to do so;

* he was a blogger with an interest in Olympus and an enthusiast photographer/writer and he already wrote reviews before he was employed by them. At a certain point, I think they gave him an E-5 and he was clear about that.  Later he apparently managed to turn his hobby into a job (I don't know which Olympus department he is in) which is good for him. And AFAIK, I believe he gets review copies to play around with, but if he wants to keep stuff for his own continued personal use, he buys it (at whatever price, but that is not the point anyway).

Obviously you take his opinions with a caveat and a pinch of salt (because of his clear disclaimer), but he touches on interesting features of cameras and lenses, and his images are often nice to watch.  Enough for me.

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