Robin Wong - Olympus 25mm 1.8 review, part 1

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This bright background rendering

Pic Man wrote:

Acrill wrote:

So use your eyes and look at the pictures.

How else would I look at them

Perhaps you might look at them through a prism of perception of Robin being an Olmpus employee = bias.

If there is nothing wrong with the pictures then there is nothing wrong with the lens. Lenses are tools for creating pictures.

The pictures are web images and he only gives 100% crops of certain areas in certain pictures. He doesn't take any night shots and only one with the sun in the frame and maybe none with it just outside of it. I don't even think flare is mentioned. There is also the possibility he's manipulated them in post.

Does it matter? I want to point out pictures like this

and several other pictures in that review too, where bright colorful background fades so nicely. I have had PanaLeica 25mm F1.4 lens for 2 years but I've never seen so nice bright bokeh from this lens. This kind of bokeh I can see from Olympus 45mm F1.8mm and 75mm F1.8 lenses, but not from PL 25mm.

Maybe I haven't tried hard enough as I resricted 25mm F1.4 to be an indoor lens, but it has been my experience over long time that PL25mm produces harsh bokeh outdoors with bright background.

Now, if any Panasonic employee shows pictures like this I may reconsider this whole thing, but I can't find any.

I am very skeptical too, the last thing I want is to give up my PL 25mm F1,4 lens as I'm sure I use the extra 2/3 stop of light sometimes. But, these pictures look very good.

The only thing that's needed is a side-by-side review with 25mm F1,4 lens. Same scene, same background. Yes, Robin can make any lens look good, this looks too good, so I'll be waiting for comparison.

Maybe I'm just objecting to an employee of a company giving a review of their companies product. I simply don't know how impartial it is. The pictures do look good though.

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