Epson 3880 to 3900

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hjulenissen Senior Member • Posts: 2,106
Re: Cross-breeding R2000 with R3000/Pro 3880

jtoolman wrote:

I do not think that GLOP helps to improve longevity and do agree that a good DYE printer like the PRO-100 for instance would and could do the same. But a PRO3880 that does not need to switch blacks would still be a great idea.

By the way, the PRO-100 does a great job on Matte and Glossy unlike many other dye ink printers. I am quite thrilled with it.


Upscaling the pro-100 price/tech to A2+ and staying within the 3880 size would make for an interesting printer. I'd buy one and Canon would profit from the ink sales.


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