Robin Wong - Olympus 25mm 1.8 review, part 1

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mh2000 wrote:

Pic Man wrote:

Acrill wrote:

Pic Man wrote:

I simply don't know how impartial it is.

It is not impartial at all.

I can't see your point.

The reviewer has a vested interest in wanting you to like it and therefore go and buy it. So my point is that it makes it difficult to trust and therefore not very useful.

You don't know that. Maybe he wrote the review because he thought it was that good and being from Olympus only would have stopped him from writing a bad review.

Personally, I think that DP forum members might have a more vested interest in their tests... either justifying their new purchase or bashing a lens for whatever reason.

Exactly! I was thinking the same when reading some replies

People who denigrate Mr Wong are likely to advice "get the xxx" without arguments just because it's their favorite brand.

Mr. Wong is a fan, not a fanboy. He provides arguments and wonderful pictures. His style is lighthearted and optimistic.

More important, he is a good photographer before being a reviewer, and that's enjoyable!

just sayin'

Anyway, the qualities of the lens that I can see in this piece look very very good. Was thinking I'd pass and just keep my Sig 30... now... think I'll wait and watch how the prices drop... looks really nice! Also, being in family with my 45 isn't so bad... even if it isn't the pancake I was hoping for.

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