Beginner's question on A vs. M :)

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Re: Beginner's question on A vs. M :)

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Lets say you are shooting in M and go from shooting indoors to outside. You were using F5.6 inside and want F4 for the shot outside.

In M mode you walk outside, change the fstop and (while watching the meter) go from 1/30 to 1/1000 (quite a lot of dial rotation). And then you realize you actually need 1 stop of EC so turn the dial back 1 stop.


For me, I wonder what the advantage of M would be? I use M in the studio with controlled lighting, the rest of the time I use A.

I think the key point is EC doesn't do anything when in M except cause the meter in VF to change. Then, once you notice the image is under or overexposed you need to change f stop or SS (as opposed to EC in AP).

Why would anyone change EC in M mode, of course that does nothing.

Actually, it does do something - it biases the meter reading (if you are looking at that to guide exposure). For example, you are shooting M in the snow but don't want to have to remember to add EC for each shot.

So if you are doing this, what "advantage" is there to using M mode? You are setting EC to bias the meter just like doing in A mode.. And this is all assuming you have auto ISO turned off.

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I didn't say the I did it.  But that approach (with auto ISO off) allows one to directly control both aperture or shutter speed to get the desired effect - you get to decide the combination versus the camera.  By dialing in EC to account for the white snow effect on the metering, you don't have to remember to take that into account in every shot as you change SS or aperture or both.

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