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windsprite wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:

I am a bit underwhelmed with the Canon 300 and the TC2 . for what its worth. I though at 600mm you would get something a bit better. The ZD300 on a very old sensor shows a lot more detail than the canon FF combo at the same EFV.

Collin, I'd agree the E-5 image looks "sharper," but I don't see where it's resolving any more real detail than the Canon one, and very definitely not "a lot more" detail. Take the Canon image and do a teeny bit of USM and then another teeny bit of large-radius USM for contrast, and the actual detail on the Canon and Oly images looks virtually identical, at least where the feathers are within the DOF (the Canon image looks to be quite a bit shallower).

Julie, I hope you don't mind me commenting here.

Please do!

Firstly I did hardly any PP treatment, just NR and I pushed the exposure for the shots where I'd stopped down the lenses. So yes with more careful treatment and more care in focussing, all of the images might have looked better.

I wasn't questioning your processing choices.  I was only trying to make the point that if one looks at actual detail rather than apparent sharpness, the images seem about on par.

As for Collin's underwhelmedness, I'm looking forward to changing that

I'd say that speaks pretty well for the Canon lens, considering it has a 2x teleconverter on it, which I would expect to degrade the sharpness and contrast visibly.

Not that much really.

[To go off on several semi-related tangents:]

Only thing is, a 2x is also likely to slow down the AF, which might give an advantage to the Oly setup if you are shooting moving subjects.

From what I've read, Canon has deliberately throttled the AF speed for this lens with the 2xIII probably wanting accuracy over speed. Even so it leaves the Oly for dead for S-AF and especially C-AF on the 5D3 which has basically the same AI-Servo AF as the 1DX.

That's interesting and a little surprising.  I had heard 2x slows down the focus considerably, but maybe that's Nikon, and it depends a lot on the lens, of course.

I don't even try to shoot BIF with the Olympus gear any more

Now that I don't find so surprising, having shot moving subjects with Nikon for over four years.  I'm really impressed with the D700 and D2H AF, though I suspect Canon is even better.  A high frame rate has its uses as well.

You could mitigate that by putting the Canon lens on a crop body with a 1.4x telecon to get around 600 mm EFL with less degradation of AF speed and image quality than you'd get with a 2x.

My next purchase may well be the 7D replacement (if it ever comes)

I hope you folks get your 7D II soon (rumor is it will make an appearance at the Sochi Olympics?), because it means our D400 can't be far behind.

You don't have the option of putting on a 2x and getting 1200 mm EFL like you do with Oly, though.

While I often use the ZD300 with the EC-14, EC-20 on the ZD300mm has limited usefulness IMO

I can see that in terms of focus speed, but do you mean IQ as well?

However, on Canon you do get to use the 300/2.8 as a really sharp 300 mm lens, which you can't do with Oly, since there is no FF body on which to mount the ZD 300/2.8 to get the same AOV.

Yes but there's the ZD150mm f/2 which is IMO even sharper than the ZD300mm.

I did consider that, but I was sticking to discussion of the one prime.  I'm not really a wildlife shooter, but the few times I've done it, I found it nice to have one body of each format, with a 300mm lens and telecon plus a telephoto zoom.  I mostly put a 300/4 and 1.4x on my crop body and a 70-200/2.8 on the FF body, occasionally reversing the lens-body combinations depending on the situation.

I'd love to do an IQ shoot-out between the ZD150 and the EF300. In AF terms however the ZD150 sadly is no match.

That too would be an interesting comparison, for sure.


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