Review of the Lowell Tota-Light 750 watt halogen light

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Review of the Lowell Tota-Light 750 watt halogen light


- Its compact and fits into the bag well enough.

- 750 watts creates a lot of tungsten light. 2 of these will really light up a room nicely.

- It has umbrella holders designed into it which work well. Might as well get the Lowell umbrellas which go with this. Dont use your own umbrellas as Lowells are designed for high-heat tungsten use.


- Gets real hot. Third degree burn, fire-risk and have a fire extinguisher around hot. After use, you need to wait a good 20 minutes before taking them down and placing back in the bag. Make sure to warn everyone about the hot lamps and even place some barriers like chairs in front of the stands to make idiot-proof.

- There is no difference between using this and the huge lights you get out Home Depot. The Home Depot lights are a lot cheaper and come with a tripod. The Home Depot lights are encased in a protective shell with glass and have a handle thus much safer to use. You could probably find a way to get that Lowell umbrella on there or maybe there is even an adapter which B&H sells to place the umbrella onto a pole.

If you need a portable lighting solution which produces a lot of light then get this. However, if you need such a solution for a home studio then get the Home Depot lights, an adapter from B&H, then the Lowell 41 inch umbrella and you have a great lighting solution. The greatest lighting solution is the Home Depot Designers Edge twin 1200 watt halogens at $54.97. Keep in mind, the industrial Home Depot lights are not eye candy for paying customers. However, I think a large umbrella would disguise them nicely.

If you bought two designer edge halogens from Home Depot, you would have 2400 watts of light which is much better then 2 Tota-Lights with only 1500 watts total.

I give this 3 stars because I can get tungsten halogen lights at Home Depot which are the same and cheaper.  Besides the more industrial appearance of the HD lights, there is no difference between Home Depot halogens and Lowell halogens.

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