Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor.

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Re: perhaps DPreview will update the review

Arn wrote:

This is good to know, at least so that people know how to avoid getting the sensor reflections. I'm a bit surprised that DPreview didn't make a note of this in the review. Perhaps they will investigate this and update the review. I hope so.

That would take some sort of competence that's obviously lacking with DPreview's staff.  Something DPreview has proven, to me at least, that they are lacking in general and specifically in the A7 review.

If this is actually a serious design flaw it just proves to everyone how incompetant the reviewers are at DPreview and why nobody should base their purchase decision on anything written by them.

They sure are good at packing this website with promotional ads trying to sell you something though.

I haven't seen this issue on my A7 yet.

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