What is your idea of "the lens gap?"

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Kim Letkeman
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what really bugs me ...

Big Ga wrote:

3. A very high quality 12-60mm would I'm sure go down well. I personally think that wanting this to be something like f2.8 constant is going to simply make it too big (and anyone who says they want an f2 version needs to have their head beaten in, in the hope that it will knock some sense into them!). So making this something like an f3.5-5.6 might be ok, if they can keep it sharp across the frame and at all focal lengths.

... is that Tamron and Sigma have excellent constant 2.8 zooms with OIS that really aren't very big. On a Nikon, these are 28-75, so is it too much to ask to get a design from one of them for a 12-35 2.8 based on the same designs? Both Sigma and Tamron make wicked sharp versions of these lenses ... and they are quite cheap ...

Unfortunately, they go where the sales are, and Canikon remains more fertile ground ...

4. A longer macro for easier working distances. 90 or 100mm. Prob the latter.

I keep trying the Sigma 105 2.8 macro for Nikon mount ... since macro works best hand held with flash, I am going back to that method this summer to see if I can get the results I used to get on Nikon ... and with higher EFL ...

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