D800 or d800e??

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i have D800E, but it will be 2yrs old soon

Copter01 wrote:


I am a Amateur, mainly landscape photographer. I don't upgrade often, but when i do i buy decent gear that will last me.

i am about to upgrade from a D200 to a D800 but not sure whether to get the e. usually reviews are sufficient, but it is difficult to quantify the difference between the two. I have a few questions?

- Reviews say that Moire, at least problematic moire is rare on the e. Is that peoples experience here?

- i have decent lenses, and wish to be able to print, periodically, pretty big. At what size, and at what apertures do people find the difference between the two can be identified.

- is there much of a difference in quantity of sharpening needed for the 800 vs e?

thanks in advance for responses.

I noticed a lot of nice landscape shots in your website. So as you are aware by now, landscape can be single shot or panos, or HDR.

If looking for single shot images especially in challenging lighting situations, then D800E will be the "best" of all, even though D800 is not a bad choice, but like RC above, I want high acutance. Moire is not an issue unless its fabric shots, and CNX2 removes it very easily.

For other landscape situations, if you are seriously thinking of just a landscape camera with decent AF and other capabilities, D7100 with some high end lenses is not a bad choice along with Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 to compliment it. You can add other lenses based on above recommendations. I may get shot down for this, but you can get better out of the box edge to edge sharpness with this DX option. Plus, it is easy to shoot pano's these days.

Let us know what you go for.

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