The worst thing about the V1...

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Re: The worst thing about the V1...

olyflyer wrote:

But I bet you have the AF on...

Well yea, if you're not using AF, you're probably not particularly concerned about speed anyway.

However, I now tried how the camera behaves in MF. It meters differently. Where with AF it gives me 1/125 when pointed at the lightbulb, with MF it measures 1/50 and therefore overexposes. So yea on one hand it changes the meter a bit faster but also incorrectly.

I'd even say the camera doesn't even use matrix metering in MF. That's what it looks like.

I only know that the D300s required the same time as the V1 in my tests before.

It may be the case that the D300 behaves similarly to D200, i.e. the metered exposure changes significantly as you move around (in my case, moving the composition of the lightbulb) so it may seem that it takes a while to adjust while it's just the case of the exposure meter 'jumping' a lot. The exposure should really be immediate with D300, while it's obviously not with V1.

> I don't think this is an issue in real life.

Probably not often, but it definitely can be for some situations, as some people here have already commented. I'm pretty sure I'd encounter it as well if I'd be using the V1 in the same way as I tend to use my DSLRs. Especially with long lenses it's pretty easy to get very varying shutter speeds as you follow some object.

Also a side effect of this behavior is what I've already seen when I was trying my c-mount lens. The display takes a long time to readjust the exposure/brightness after taking every shot. I thought it's just the display behavior but apparently it's actually the metering itself.

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