Color change from D7000 to D7100

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Nexu1 wrote:

I downloaded the nef file and imported it into lightroom. When I use the spot tool for white balance on the gray block the WB changes from 5700 & +40 tint to 6500 and +17 (roughly). Which is a noticeable change. But the jacket is still quite blue. If I go into HSL and change the blue hue to -40 I get a relatively green jacket. But that seems like a huge change to have to make to a RAW file. Something seems weird.

6500 sounds like a better guess for the actual color temperature. VX does not tell for 'WB as shot'.

The unassuming jacket most probably has an almost spectral color, a narrow spectral band, which is a somewhat unusual property for a pigment. It is the kind of weird color that provides a crucial test. For color a blue-green perception, near balanced response is needed from the green and blue channel. If the corresponding crossover of the CFA colors does not coincide with the eye response, then a gross misrepresentation can occur in the image. The sensor appears to see this color as blue  with very little response from the green channel.

Fortunately, such issues are much less severe with most pigments, because of the usual broad band absorption.

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