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Mako2011 wrote:

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Stephan Def wrote:

There is one very basic question I have to you. Why are you using the Jacket instead of the color checker passport to verify your colors?

It seems to me it is more sound just to see if the squares on the color checker passport have the colors that they should have. This can even be done with computer software by selecting on the squares with color picker software and then checking the resulting values against the RGB color tables.

The jacket is of a somewhat undefined color, and that just makes everything harder.

Furthermore to be sure you have the correct white balance you can spot white balance also on the Color checker passport, the 4th patch from the white one in the bottom row of the ColorChecker classic is 18% gray.

I think the color checker colors are all quite OK. They might come closer by finetuning WB etc. There are slight color shifts with the usual suspects: skin color, bluish green and red orange.

The fun thing is that the jacket goes wildly off in color. You cannot check this just by the raw. My original post contains an attempt to communicate the actual color as seen by eye. You basically have to take my word, as I cannot show you that jacket. Your store may have something with that pigment. The blue-green patch in the ColorChecker gives a hint on a similar, but less dramatic shift. If you have a ColorChecker, you can verify this part.

You have to set the WB using the 18% Color Checker grey block in the RAW file to accurately set the WB before "The blue-green patch in the ColorChecker gives a hint on a similar, but less dramatic shift" for those who don't own the card.

Again, Adobe seems to treat your WB auto 2 setting dramatically different than ViewNX2 or the in camera JPEG engine does.

I downloaded the nef file and imported it into lightroom.  When I use the spot tool for white balance on the gray block the WB changes from 5700 & +40 tint to 6500 and +17 (roughly).  Which is a noticeable change.  But the jacket is still quite blue.  If I go into HSL and change the blue hue to -40 I get a relatively green jacket.  But that seems like a huge change to have to make to a RAW file.  Something seems weird.

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