Looking for opinions from those who have upgraded from D300/s to D600/610

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Re: Looking for opinions from those who have upgraded from D300/s to D600/610

If you feel like the D7100 is a regression in the body type you will feel the same with the D610 as they are the "same" platform as far as size and button layout.

The two features that will be "missing" if you are use to them on the D300 are the af-on button and the fact that you have to use a mode dial.

I was forced into an upgrade after "wearing" my D300s out to the point where the costs to fix it didn't make economic sense but I was shooting a LOT of time lapse at the time and managed to bend the CF card pins in a late night fumble with swapping cards during a shoot.

Nikon will not replace the shutter for the second time and leave the CF card unusable. (Note I got 350K shots out of each shutter so that was awesome).

I owned a D600 for a while but was unfortunate to be one of the ones who had to deal with the oil problem. I upgraded to the D800 to get the af-on button back (which I use a lot) and because I couldn't deal with the downtime with sensor cleanings.

That said the image quality of the D600 was great!!

This shot would have been nice as a "snapshot" which it is with the D300s but the detail is much nicer with the D600. Make sure to look at it full size, especially in the windows of the space needle.

But really most cameras today are just great so I hope you enjoy what ever you buy.

Seattle D600 200mm f/4 AF-D Micro

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