Looking for opinions from those who have upgraded from D300/s to D600/610

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Re: Looking for opinions from those who have upgraded from D300/s to D600/610

NikonMike wrote:

I've been debating the move to FX from my D300s for a few months now. While I love my four year old D300s and if I were smart would just keep shooting with it for a couple more years, I would also like more resolution and dynamic range for my landscape photography. I was looking for some opinions from some of you who have made the switch. What do you like better about the D600/610? Is there anything about the D600/610 that you don't like compared to your D300? I realize a D7100 (or future D7200) is also an option, but I don't have a good feeling about Nikon's commitment to DX at the advanced amateur or semi-pro level. I would also feel like I'm regressing in camera bodies. I had moved from a D80 to a D300s, and it would seem like I'm going back to a D80 type camera. Thanks!


What kind of glass do you have? I was lucky in that I was able to get several pro lenses for my D300 two years ago (thanks, Amex points!) for "free." But if I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have had decent lenses when I finally got the D600. I only wish I had gotten the 24-120 instead of the 24-70. I later ended up getting the former, and the latter now sits in the box.

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