D800 vs D3s

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Re: D800 vs D3s

I already have D800, so not making a buying decision, rather curios of peoples opinions for educational purpose only.

Nowadays it is occasionally possible to find D3S on ebay for around $3k, which puts it just about at the price point of d800. So the question is this:

Why would you buy d800 vs d3s or why would you buy d3s vs d800 for the same price. This is functional question, so for all practical purposes lets assume the cameras are in identical shape.

My $0.02 is that if you want to shoot studio/landscape you would go for extra res of d800, but for sports or reporting you would go for d3s for extra FPS. What did i forget? Focus speed? Focus accuracy? Useful functions like focus priority with non-AF lenses? etc.

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1. D800 is the first camera with resolution so high that it simply does not matter.
2. Most people who do not own/shoot d800 misunderstand it. Color depth and accuracy in addition to resolution is what makes d800 great. Resolution alone is over rated.

Been watching eBay for some time and have not found a D3s in the condition I would want for anywhere clost to $3000, but would take it in a heartbeat if I did. We have a D800 and a D800e.
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