Which would you choose? V1 @ $200 or V2 @ $500

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Re: Which would you choose? V1 @ $200 or V2 @ $500

It's interesting that Nikon Canada no longer offers the V1 (it's archived -- http://en.nikon.ca/Nikon-Products/Product-Archive/Nikon1/34007/Nikon-1-V1.html ) while Nikon USA still offers the V1 (at 1/2 the V2 price -- http://www.nikonusa.com/en/Nikon-Products/Nikon-1-Cameras/index.page ).

If Nikon USA is still trying to move V1 inventory, perhaps that's a partial explanation as to why Nikon is unwilling to lower the V2 price, while Nikon has no incentive to keep the V2 artificially high in Canada if it's not offering what it may see as the poor cousin (V1).

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