Peano - we've lost one of the truly greats

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Re: Peano - already been in touch

RayGuselli wrote:

I have already e mailed Peano and had a reply.
Not entirely clear why he has moved but I am sure that it was not a light decision or one taken without consideration.
Peano has actually moved home and is also an accomplished author and writer; so ut may be that he is looking to develop those skills and opportunities more.
I can only hope, perhaps like many more here that one day in the future, we will see a new retoucher emerge with a great vision, superb ability and a willingness to help and assist all who ask....he can use whatever signature he likes, but perhaps we will recognise that person as Peano.
Hoping he may return although I do know from his message; that is unlikely.

Best wishes


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Sad to hear that he's unlikely to return.Does he have a flickr acount??

Didn't know he was also an accomplished writer.I also hope he will develop those skills more now.Wish him well!

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