Which would you choose? V1 @ $200 or V2 @ $500

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Re: Which would you choose? V1 @ $200 or V2 @ $500

d600 on tripod

v1 on tripod

myzel wrote:

frank-in-toronto wrote:

… the V1 produces good enough pics for web usage as long as you don't crop. if that's your intended usage, then it's fine. …

Not only web usage, the V1 produces images more than good enough for 30x20cm prints (haven't made bigger prints, but I think one step bigger would be good too).

i noticed right away with the 10mm lens that quality dropped close to zero the more i cropped. when i got the 30-110, i did a comparison between it and the d600 with nikkor 105mm lens. crops attached. number 2 is from the v1. if u look closely, you'll see that the bolt heads on the metal support structure barely show. they are clear in the d600 shot.

so my point is that the v1 is fine for street and non-critical shoots. i use it as a point and shoot a lot. but for quality raw images, it suffers. at 2 or 300 dollars, it's good enough. it's pretty fast Af is nice.

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