XE-1 Flash issues at studio shooting

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XE-1 Flash issues at studio shooting

Hi Folks,
Today i had my first model studio shooting with my XE-1.
We used a cableless remote control that was put in the XE-1's hot shoe for triggering the flashes. I used my 18-55 kit zoom at f10, the camera setting was iso 200 at 1/125s.
Now i had a problem: as it was quite dark in the room, for we wanted to shoot low key, i couldn't see anything in the viewfinder before i pushed the button... It was totally dark in the viewfinder as i used only iso 200. So it was always fun to see, whether the force was with me and i found the right direction to hit my model
However the pictures showed good exposure. Another problem was the fact, that the autofocus came to it's limit.
The only help was to go up with iso to iso 1250 and use no flash but only the working lights and using my adapted summicron 50mm at F2, which was easy focussed by the focus peaking at 10x enlargement.
Now my question: Can this be avoided by a special setting of the XE-1 or is it a problem of the electronic viewfinder? With an optical viewfinder i woudn't have had the problem. Is there a possibility of an automatic high iso preview and low iso shot?
It's not my issue to discuss the problem of electronic viewfinders. I need a help to solve this problem before my next studio flash shooting.
Thank You for your advice!
Have always fun with your x-e one


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