Some X Vario shots

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Rodrigue Zahr
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Re: Some X Vario shots

dkatlanta wrote:

Thanks to all for the kind comments! These are all jpeg files. No adjustments other than some cropping. One shot needed some exposure compensation, but only because of a mistake I made-forgetting to reset the aperture setting to automatic after stopping the lens down for another shot. The auto white balance occasionally gets fooled, but none of these got any correcting.

I've had the X-Pro 1, X-M1, and the XE-2, which has significantly improved focusing over the earlier models. I've owned the 18, 23, 35, and 60mm primes, as well as the 18-55 zoom. The zoom was close enough to the best of the primes in most situations for it to remain on the camera virtually full time. When I realized this, it occurred to me that I should have a close look at the X Vario, since the coverage is so similar.

I think the Fuji system is excellent, if you want a mirrorless system. I think the XE-2 is by far the best model currently available, although the XM-1 is a gem if you need a portability (I was able to ski with the XM-1 and the 18-55 in the pocket of my ski jacket and got the best shots I've ever taken of Vail) and the upcoming XT-1 looks very nice, too.

Will try to find some rough comparisons and post them.

white balance. another XVario string strong point that I completely forgot to talk about in my review "I'll update it" as you mentioned, the automatic white balance on this camera is such an amazing thing. I had not adjusted the Cb not for a single shot since I got the camera!

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