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Re: Wrong - you need EC anytime you use auto-ISO

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Excellent point Robin. Do you remember who wrote the post a few months ago that compared the information lost with in camera ISO increase above a certain value (800 or 1600?) to information retained by underexposing and pulling detail from the shadows in PP? I have been using that method with the D800 when DR is important and find it to be very good advice. I have been wanting to revisit the posts but can't find them.

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Check this link

Hi, interesting  thread. I have shot that way for years and still do in good light. I like to use the "blinkies" as a check and keep it against the right side.

The thread I am referring to said something to the effect that for each stop of ISO  (in camera)above a certain value ( I think 800 or 1600) you lose half the information that was in the previous, lower stop and that brightening in PP doesn't lose that information. Something to do with digital vs. analog enhancement. I am not knowledgeable in those areas s is obvious but was impressed enough by the argument to give it a try, shooting both ways and comparing after PP. I was swayed enough by the results to start using this method and have come to like it in substandard light (shadows). I have mentioned this in other threads hoping someone would remember and link it so I can reread and hopefully understand the reasoning behind it.

This is in wholly related to the newer sensors ability to "see" detail in shadows and won't work with older sensors as I understood it. Hence the ETTR method is still a valid point, at least to those who use it.

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