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Re: Nikon Canada

Not true.  If you buy the camera physically in Canada from a Nikon Canada dealer, Nikon USA will service the camera in case you have problems.  You may have to pay for the repair though.
If you purchase the camera through the mail, it is considered grey market.  However, it does not void the warranty at all.  You will just have to either ship the camera back to Canada for service or find somebody else (like another Nikon subsidiary) that will service the camera.
BTW, Nikon bodies have a 2 year warranty (by Nikon Canada) unlike the 1 year warranty (by Nikon USA).  So if you can deal with sending the camera back to Canada, if you have problems, then you actually get another year of warranty coverage.  Plus the camera  is much cheaper.
Do the math.  In this case, it could be an OK deal to buy the camera in the mail from a Canadian dealer.

 U.S. customers can actually purchase these cameras but this is considered a gray market purchase and, thus, it voids the Nikon warranty. Nikon USA will not honor a warranty for a Nikon camera purchased in Canada.
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