The worst thing about the V1...

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Re: The worst thing about the V1...

Odd. I didn't even realize it's doing this. Well I noticed it's very slow at display adjustment when I tested my manual C-mount lens, but I thought it's just the display.

Well, the fact I didn't notice it in other situations means I'm not using V1 in very demanding ways. Because I remember how I played around with the D200's quick meter reaction.

Well, the V1 is a casual camera, what else can I say.

olyflyer wrote:

Set the "Shutter button AE lock" item to OFF. If it is OFF you don't have to wait, the camera adjusts the exposure while focusing.

That's not the point, the camera should be able to meter exposure by itself while the shutter button is not held down.

And no, AE lock doesn't make a difference in this (I have it OFF).

They all require the same time, except that the V1 has that Shutter button lock feature. Once disabled it becomes as fast as any other camera.

No way. Like I wrote above, I can point my D200 from bright light to complete darkness and the meter adjusts immediately. With V1 you need to wait.

olyflyer wrote:

...and I love the auto gain.

It should be selectable as well as other EVF-related things like image preview. I for one would love a EVF which behaves just like a DSLR OVF. I.e. no menus or preview, no autogain and always on, or at least instant-on.

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