Beginner's question on A vs. M :)

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Re: Beginner's question on A vs. M :)

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The constantly changing reflective meter is a big reason I use incident whenever possible, including at weddings. It just works better for me, but I also employ spot and matrix on occasion.

Do you use a handheld incident meter? I have several incident meters in the closet but I have never thought to use them with a modern digital camera. Are your readings more consistent, or more accurate than using the camera's reflected meter?

A hand held light meter is always better than the one in the camera, but it is not always possible to use it. It results in better exposure and nicer colour. Try it out, especially since you have a cupboard full with meters. I only have one.

Oly I don't know about better, I mean when was the last time you buy a new light meter, mine is the Gossen Lunar Six - it was OK back in the film days but I doubt it is better than the built-in meter of the D800.

Mine is a Seconic L-308S and yes, it is definitely better than the meter in the D800. I use it all the time if I use flash. Most of the time I use several flashes and in manual mode, so the light meter is essential unless I want to use "trial and error" method. Anyway, I have even used extremely old Minolta and some other light meters also and in a studio they all worked very well, but of course, I have no idea about the ones you have.

Furthermore I think our shooting style has changed a lots - now people shoot in bust of 2 or 3 and in quick succession hoping one good photo out of that lot.

Well, I am not doing that at all. I often wonder what is the point of that at all, I mean, if the fist image is crap the other two or three after will obviously also be crap. I think people are too keen on "spray and pray" composition instead of "seeing the picture". Sad development IMHO. Anyway, of course a light meter isn't ALWAYS a solution, it was never like that, and even with film I used the meter in the camera if I had to.

Film was expensive and limited supply, the fastest I could remember was the F3 motor drive @ 6 fps and you'd done your 36 exp cartridge in 6 secs - then what ? not many people had a 250 magazine back attached to their cameras. On old day we had time to poke around now everyone with their cellphone cameras - taking photo no longer a privilege reserved for someone with a camera.

All that is true, but my answer was to the technical parts of your questions above.

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