Drive-By Shooting ... Into the Abiss

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Drive-By Shooting ... Into the Abiss

While coming home from my road trip over the holidays and driving from Grand Junction, CO to Denver, CO, what started as a beautiful day for shooting did not end that way. While on our trip we had a family emergence and I had to put my wife on a plane in Grand Junction to Orlando, FL. Hopefully if the weather held out, I could make it to Orlando in two days driving time with stopping just east of Kansas City for a few hours sleep. That was my plan.

I know I would not have time to stop and smell the roses and take a few pics of the scenery along the way. I do a lot of shooting as I'm driving (I have a disclaimer below the pics) and I would have settle for that. leaving Grand Junction at 9 am, I finally arrived in Denver,,,

Continued below

Just east of Grand Junction

Pit Stop

I-70 West bound coming out of a tunnel, I'm driving East bound

Beautiful day, no traffic, and majestic scenery. What more could you ask for...

Picking up a little more traffic

Weather sure changes fast in the Rockies, putting chains on, this can't be good...

Throw a LOT more traffic into the mix

Add a little more snow, why not, it's the Rockies and it's winter, what do you expect???

This is getting bad

Less then 70 miles from downtown Denver, or 2-1/2 hours according to the sign!!!

Scenic area, Yup, still snowing

Haven't got'n to the tunnel yet, getting to dark to shot


Around 9 pm. It was a long hard 12 hour drive to go 240 miles, but I got lucky. Just after I made it through the Tunnel just east of Frisco, they closed I-70 east bound just west of the tunnel. During that 12 hour drive I shot about 32gigs, and that's a lot of drive-by shooting...


Before anyone starts b!tching about shooting while driving, It's safer then eating a McDonalds hamburger while driving. Plus I had my seat belt on the whole time...

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