How healthy is A-mount?

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Re: How healthy is A-mount?

I am about to begin hoping that Sony will stop building any further A-mount gear and will formally announce the decision to do so. There will be at least a few positive consequences:

1. No more threads about the future of A-mount - here or anywhere.

2. As the majority of A-mount owners don't really understand how their present equipment works, and the appeal of all new gear is so irresistible, we will also see:

a. A flood of A-mount gear offered at panic prices, and...
b. A huge reduction in forum questions about 'How or why does my A-mount camera do this or that?' The majority of such things will end up in the E-mount forum.

Those of us who intend to continue shooting A-mount for a long time will be relieved of much distraction.

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