D800 or d800e??

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Re: D800 or d800e??

I've had the D800E for almost 2-years, having graduated from a D200 and then a D700. I shoot a lot of landscapes and make 17" by up to 27" cropped/enlarged prints, sometimes to a high degree. With all those megapixels at your disposal, the D800/E just begs you to do this and I find it hard to resist.

As far as I've read - and there's lots of comparisons out there - the differences between the D800 and the D800E are not terribly significant. The only reason I went for the 'E' is because I do so much enlarging and felt it worth the extra $300.  However, since I don't have the D800 to compare output, I can't say for sure how much of a resolution boost there really is. I can tell you that I have yet to see even a hint of moire and my prints come out raiser-sharp.

Most people don't have both cameras (like me) and cannot give you a definitive answer. I would suggest that you search on-line for actual comparison photos between the two and listen to opinions of photographers who do have both cameras before you make up your mind.

The good part is that no matter which one you choose you'll end up with one fantastic camera.


Copter01 wrote:


I am a Amateur, mainly landscape photographer. I don't upgrade often, but when i do i buy decent gear that will last me.

i am about to upgrade from a D200 to a D800 but not sure whether to get the e. usually reviews are sufficient, but it is difficult to quantify the difference between the two. I have a few questions?

- Reviews say that Moire, at least problematic moire is rare on the e. Is that peoples experience here?

- i have decent lenses, and wish to be able to print, periodically, pretty big. At what size, and at what apertures do people find the difference between the two can be identified.

- is there much of a difference in quantity of sharpening needed for the 800 vs e?

thanks in advance for responses.

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