How healthy is A-mount?

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Re: How healthy is A-mount?

havoc315 wrote:

Alphoid wrote:

In 2013 and 2013, we saw:

  • E-Mount: A5000, A7, A7r, A3000, NEX-5T, NEX3N
  • A-Mount: A58

E-mount also had 7 new lenses, while A-mount had just one (50mm f/1.4), and three minor updates.

Is A-mount on life support?

Well for cameras, the A58 and NEX3N were announced together. The A3000 was announced at the end of August and was available in mid September. The NEX 5T and A7/r were announced together in mid October and available for Christmas. The A5000 isn't available yet.

As for lenses, 5 of the e-mount lenses are full frame to go with the first full frame e-mounts. Only 2 of those are currently available separately. 1 is the kit lens for the A7. 1 is about to ship and the last doesn't have a firm release date yet. Then there are the 2 APS-C e-mounts. Both of them are basically standard zooms to fill a serious gap in the e-mount line. Before the 18-105mm PZ and 16-70mm, you only had the 18-200mm as an alternative to kit lenses. Contrast that worth what you have for APS-C A-Mount (18-55mm SAM & SAM II, 16-50mm, 16-105mm, 18-135mm, 16-80mm, 18-200mm).

In general things look very e-mount heavy, but it's only looked like that since the end of summer, 5 months tops. If things keep going this way then maybe you have a point. But right now I'm not at all worried.

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Unfortunately, it's been longer than that. Late 2012 brought the Nex 6 and Nex 5r.

We've gone nearly a year and half with only one new a-mount. An underwhelming model with very little promotion.

The top selling Sony "dslr" on Amazon, by a wide margin, is the e-mount A3000.

Meanwhile, it appears the A7000 will release soon, with no new a-mount in sight.

My conclusion is that the a-mount is on life support. Sony may be undecided whether to resuscitate (with updated models), or whether to simply pull the plug.

You can't compare a mostly consumer e-mount line to what will be less consumer oriented A-mount line.  You have to look at the normal patterns..

See my post below..   NO CAMERA MODELS ARE LATE ON RENEWAL except the A37 which I think that level will be an e-mount domain only from now on.  I expect there to be only one a-mount released  below $1000 each year to compete with the Top Rebel.  Sony will do e-mount and Canon will try to make the SL1 cameras smaller because they failed on EOS M badly, not even releasing EOS M2 outside of Asia.

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