Direct comparison Oly 12-40mmF2.8 with Oly 12-50mmF3.5-6.3?

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Re: In real life there just is no comparison.

RoelHendrickx wrote:

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Paul De Bra wrote:

When I got the 12-40 I did one quick test shot with the 12-50 and 12-40 side by side and also with my tiny Panasonic 14-42X. Only one conclusion was possible: the 12-50 had to go (and the 14-42X was certainly good enough to stay).

I initially planned on keeping the 12-50 just for the pseudo-macro but actually the 12-40 can focus more than close enough for what I need.

Knowing myself, I will probably keep the 12-50 as backup (or to have a lens to bundle with a camera if I give it away when finally upgrading).

I also tried some in-camera JPG images. With the 12-50 the CA would be visible on a large computer monitor (which is around 2MP, down quite a bit from 16) but with the 12-40 it takes 100% pixel peeping to detect the CA which isn't corrected on my E-M5. Distortion is no issue as it is corrected in camera or by the RAW converter.

Does only the E-M1 perform that correction, or also the E-M5 (and others)?

And is the correction done only in JPG or also in RAW?

Just wondering.

Yes, the E-M1 performs CA correction, and not just for Olympus lenses. It's the first OM-D to offer that feature, and I believe it works in both JPG and RAW. Check out the Lens corrections section.

But does the E-M5 also offer that correction?

I guess you didn't look at that review section.

No, the E-M5 doesn't perform CA correction, nor does any earlier Olympus MFT body. If Olympus could introduce that feature through a firmware upgrade, they'd gain an a lot of good will, but I don't know if that's technically possible.

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